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Ghosts of Arizona is a paranormal research team, and headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, with volunteer members who have many years combined experience investigating the paranormal claims of both public and private locations.  Utilizing a combination of field-tested techniques for evidence collection, and always testing out new ones, it's members strive to improve the overall quality of it's paranormal evidence, while keeping a skeptical eye on all evidence to the contrary. This skeptical eye however, does not mean closed minded, and non-technical methods of investigating the paranormal.

Our evidence is derived from digital, 35mm, full spectrum, and infrared cameras. Our video evidence is derived from digital infrared video, to capture footage of physical anomalies and manifestations. For our audio evidence, we utilize digital voice recorders to capture (EVP) Electronic Voice Phenomena. We also use (EMF) Electromagnetic field metering to detect sudden environmental shifts in the electricity in the air.

Ghosts of Arizona does not attempt to prove or disprove  paranormal activity. We are here to do an investigation to look at all aspects of alleged paranormal activity. Our services do not include the eviction of paranormal  activity, any spirits, or the expulsion of any other activity, but rather to better inform you as to the nature of the activity you are experiencing. Ghosts of Arizona is strictly a scientific paranormal investigation team. 

Ghosts of Arizona never charges for our services or our investigations

All of our investigations are dedicated to the study of paranormal phenomena.

We respect our clients' privacy, wishes, property, and any other circumstances that they may request.

Ghosts of Arizona is a smoke free investigation team.

If we feel we are out of our realm. We will ask help from other paranormal groups  or a medium for some insight.  We strongly support the assistance of other paranormal groups..

We don't use Ouija boards or hold séances during our investigations

We  don't deal in demon oriented activity.

We will be very happy to refer you to a team that does.  

Ghosts of Arizona doesn't use methods of provoking to get a paranormal response. There is an accepted scientific theory that the presence of an observer always changes the nature of the observed.  A serious investigator in any field tries to minimize this as much as possible.  By provoking the spirit, the paranormal investigator is impacting the situation in the most dramatic manner possible.  If your aim is just to get a result, any result, it might be worth it.  But if your aim is to discover the nature and purpose of the spirit and to help the client deal with it, perhaps even convince the spirit to move on, you?ve just defeated your own purpose.

Provoking spirits is ultimately irresponsible.  When the night is over, the investigator gets to go home with another anecdote to add to his collection.  But the client is stuck with a pissed off ghost.  Very few clients come to a paranormal investigator because they?re comfortable with the activity in their home or place of business.  They come to us for help, for answers and for understanding.  The least we can do is act professionally.  We can?t promise results but we can promise to do no harm.



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*Glendale Library 2013: The Science and Technology behind Ghost Hunting.


                     The Difference Between Residual and Intelligent Activity:

Residual Activity:

The most common type of paranormal activity is residual.  Residual activity is like a broken record player, repeating the same thing over and over. Some would say the phenomena is lost in a time warp; that no actual phenomena is present, just the energy left behind from an event of significance traumatic or otherwise, during that individual's life. You may hear screaming, crying, footsteps, and in some cases laughter.

Intelligent Activity:

In this style of paranormal activity, the phenomena is aware of their surroundings. These phenomena can acknowledge the existence of the humans around them and will even try to communicate with you. This phenomena can touch you, move things around make noises, change the temperature in the room, and sometimes drain the power of a battery-operated device in order to manifest itself to you. This phenomena can be seen as a black or white shadows, or white mist and though at times mischievous, their intent is almost never malicious, they simply just wish to be noticed.



"Vulture Mine" representation currently doesn't allow ANYONE to conduct paranormal investigations, not even Ghosts of Arizona.  Contrary to some rumors that seem to have been circulated by a rogue group (that has chosen to ignore this and trespass anyway), Ghosts of Arizona had nothing to do with this decision and was affected by it as much as any other group that wished to investigate the site.  However, Ghosts of Arizona does not condone this behavior as it ultimately hurts the integrity of all groups that wish to preserve the trust between tenants and investigator groups.  While some access to BLM areas are under dispute, Ghosts of Arizona has advised other groups of the difficulty they may face in accessing even these areas until the disputes are resolved, but Ghosts of Arizona has never at any time advised the management of Vulture Mine not to allow access to these areas, nor would we be qualified to if they asked us.  If anyone tells you otherwise, this is simply not true, and can be easily dis-proven.



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