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               Electronic Voice Phenomena

The following EVP's where captured from different investigations.



Stockyards Blacksmith:    

Vulture Mine Bordello:      

Vulture mine power plant:

Boetto House, Wickenburg AZ:












                       E.V.P. PROTOCOL SESSION

EVP Protocol

 All investigators must be completely silent, no shifting or creating any sound if possible.
 If you cough or sneeze or accidental create a noise identify what it was and your name, time.
 Example: "Mary sneezed then coughed and farted.. The time is 16:43 "



 1. State location, date, time of day,(military time) and number of people present and the condition of the area.
 2. It is recommended to have ONE person conducting the session as many people conducting
     it may confuse entities (not to mention it is easier to time the delay between question when only one
     person in in control of the questioning).
 3. Ask permission to speak to entities and let them know that you  do not seek to harm them in any way.
 4. Tell the entities that you will respect them and ask for respect from them as well.
 5. Pause at least 10 seconds between questions
 6. Start EVP session by asking some common YES/NO questions. (see bulleted questions)
 7. It is a good idea to document (tag) sounds that may originate from investigators
     present to differentiate between human and entity sounds.
 > It is always good to time stamp, when you enter or leave the room. (name of person/s, time)
 - Document different levels of investigator voices, coughing and footprints, etc.
 - NEVER whisper or talk in a low voice. Speak in a normal tone.
 - Don't yell, entities aren't deaf. (just dead)
 -Tag any whispering if someone forgets.
 -Remember to indicate who it was that was whispering so voice prints can be matched
  (for other recording devices as well)

 1. Person conducting EVP session introduce themselves and the team.
 2. Ask permission to speak to entities and let them know that you do not seek
 to harm them in any way.
 3. Again, Tell the entities that you will respect them and ask for respect in return.
 4. Tell the entities that you have a recorder, which records sounds and voices.
 Thus, let them know that they are free to talk and/or make noise into the device.

 NOTE: Not all of the following questions have to be asked in the same session.

 If you would like to communicate, can you show me a sign of your presence?
 Can you knock for me or make a sound?

 Can you make loud footsteps for me?
 Anything you can do to let me know you are present...

• Is there anyone here who would like to talk to me?
• Do you mind that I am talking to you and asking you questions?
• Are you male?
• Are you female?
• Did you live here?
• Did you work here?
• Do you like being here in this location?
• Would you like to leave?
• Are you afraid or scared?
• Are you sad?
• Are you happy?
• Are you angry?
• Do you miss your family and/or friends

The following questions are designed to initiate intelligent responses
Can you please show yourself to me and/or other investigators?
 How many of you are here tonight?
 What is your name(s)?
 Can you tell me how old you are?
 When were you born?
 Where are you from?
 What year is it?
 Who is the president of The United States?
 Is there anything else that you would like to tell me?
 Is there anything else that I should know?
 Are there any children here that would like to talk to me?
 What is your favorite song?
 Can you please sing for me?
 What are you wearing?
 What would you like me to do?
 How would you like me to help you?
With the investigation in mind, do not be afraid to ask questions that may
be pertinent to the investigation as well.
If there truly is something present that does not want to communicate
it is THEIR RIGHT not to!

Do not provoke, or become aggressive when asking questions.
The provoked response may not be ultimately to wards you,
but to the person or persons after you leave.

Try to never leave a site in worse shape than before you came!
Additional: During investigations it is normal to formulate theories,
opinions and even have feelings pertaining to what is occurring at a given location.
Things can (and do) happen that may or may not validate those ideas or feelings.
It’s important however to always maintain an air of professionalism which may require us
to document said validations instead of making exclamations that probably cannot be
proven when you make them.  Report them to the lead investigator (who will document it)
along with rest of the body of evidence. 
While it may feel good to believe that an idea or feeling has been validated,
it’s entirely possible it’s also only coincidence; but now one or more team members have
had their own skepticism weakened (or biased) simply because they trust you.
Building or having confidence is key to any strong team, however metaphorically speaking;
victory dances are best left until after the investigation is over.


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