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Protection from Ghosts

Protection From Ghosts   (Author Unknown) found during internet research.

Protection From Ghosts; What does protection from ghosts mean?

Do I need to protect myself from ghosts?

If you are around an environment that you believe is inhabited by a negative ghost, and you are vulnerable to fear of ghosts, then you need to take precautions. Be sure and read How To Get Rid Of Ghosts and How To Tell If You Have A Ghost. Negative ghosts will attach to those who are fearful, because fear is darkness. Ghosts, being in darkness, can sense this and thus know who they can over-power. If a ghost wishes to do harm to a person, they can do so only to those who are spiritually drained dry. In other words, fear becomes the doorway to allow an entity to be able to bring harm. For those who are spiritually aware, protection from ghosts are not an issue for they do not fear them. A ghostly attack may be manifested many ways in a weak person, such as being frightful, disoriented, weak; having feelings of negativity, thoughts of depression, thoughts of suicide or even ghost possession.

Not all of these symptoms are indicative of negative ghosts being present, but have been noted as signs of negative ghostly presence from those who are vulnerable. Sexually perverse ghosts called incubus or succubus have also been experienced by some.

Protection From Ghosts or Negative Entities:

The best way to not be vulnerable to ghost attacks is to be aware of who you are spiritually. In other words, being in touch with the inner spirit (who you really are) is the best way to be empowered. Meditation brings realization of ones spirit, especially as detachment from the physical realm occurs. Spirit is love, life, truth and peace  fear has no place. Spirit is light. Knowing that nothing can harm you (unless you believe it can - through fear) is very powerful. Being aware of your oneness with God and all that exists is the truth of who you are. This truth is light and power. Some techniques of people to help overcome fear of ghosts and to become empowered include:1) Calm yourself down and speak while breathing in, I am (and breathe out) relaxed. Imagine yourself fearless, all-powerful in spirit and tell the ghost, Leave now.)

Envision God or a holy figure standing with you. Absorb their energy and strength. Imagine you are a light bulb and visualize the light filling you from your toes to your head and broadcasting into the room around you. This is your shield of light that vanquishes all darkness. Prayer to God, or your religious figure, guide, angel, etc asking for assistance, light and protection also reportedly works for most people. Final thoughts on Ghost Protection, when we lose control of our minds and bodies due to sickness, sexual addictions, over-use of alcohol or drugs, we may open ourselves up to negative entities. If we are led outwardly by the physical world with no regard for our spirit, then we walk through life spiritually dead.

Signs of this deadness include a life marked by anger, jealousy, greed, revenge, hatred, perverseness, pleasure, gain, etc. One can either choose to be filled with light (God, positiveness, truth, peace, joy, and love) or darkness (Evil, negativity, fear, condemnation, guilt, worry, hatred, anger, greed, etc). The choice is always an individual one to make.


Ghosts of Arizona has their own thoughts of what ghosts are.. 

Ghost: A ghost (which we feel is paranormal energy) is the energy, of a person who has died. Very often they have died under traumatic, unusual or highly emotional circumstances. This is also know as paranormal energy, that has left a signature in the air. This could be a full body, a black shadow or even a whisper in the air.


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