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                Ghosts of Arizona, Paranormal Society (2004-2015)

Learning and investigating is hands on with this volunteer ghost hunting team.

We will teach you what we know, yet to be honest we are still learning our self's. We do ask that you spend at least one year with this team as a volunteer investigator. (This is not mandatory, things do happen to break that commitment or to be terminated from the team). We do feel that this is what our knowledge is worth, teaching you this hobby.

So if your open minded, willing to learn, willing to spend your own money, willing to spend your own gas and willing to drive to various locations throughout the state, willing to volunteer your time to do what is asked of you, willing to go out of your way, willing to stay up to the wee hours of the next morning.!

Knowing  ALL this is volunteer work on your part.

We don't get paid to help others, to do things we are asked of, to explore locations through out Arizona. But the overall feeling and pleasures in finding something paranormal is all worth all the volunteer hours you've put into this team.

As a volunteer (repeating again) of this team you will be asked to spend your own money, vehicle and gas to drive to locations, to spend your money for your own food, hotel costs, expenses to pay at certain locations to investigate. To do workshops, research, and time to spend learning this field. We don't have team shirts, hats or anything that you need to buy that says who you belong too.

We do most of all our investigations on Friday and Saturday nights. Some of them do lead into Sunday afternoons if its a long night or if we are out of town on an over niter. We don't plan on our volunteer investigators to make all the investigations that we plan.

We know that jobs, family and other important things are always consider first. This is just a hobby that is run like a business, to be able to stay organized and to give our clients a look of professionalism.

When you become a volunteer investigator with Ghosts of Arizona, you will be subjected to scrutiny and constructive  criticism on a regular bases. You will be asked to explain how a piece of equipment you are using works. It is one of those situations that you need to know the "hows", "why's", "the knowledge" and basics on that piece of equipment.

If you think you can't handle the scrutiny and criticism of what you do, you won't make it as an investigator with Ghosts of Arizona.

We don't do it to put you down or to degrade you, but to help you learn what you are doing. So when someone comes to you on an investigation and asks what you are doing or using. Then you will be able to answer them with all the details and sound like you are a professional paranormal investigator.

That is also part of the things we will try to teach you. As to our looks, the way we act and how we do our investigations.

Thank you for your interest's in joining this team of volunteer paranormal investigators.

We are a scientific paranormal investigation team.

If you are looking to get into ghost hunting we are looking for volunteers at this time.. 

We are at this time taking applications for future paranormal investigators, you will also work as a research assistant.

Below is our application: Please fill it out and email to us, at the email addy below. 

 No email addy available at this time. Under construction.






Please understand that each interested individual will need to submit their own questionnaire as each person is considered individually.  Applications of two or more people applying together will not be accepted, regardless of relationship.  In the event that a couple applies separately as intended, it should be understood that GOA is under no obligation to accept both applicants in consideration of their existing relationship(s).  GOA accepts volunteers on the basis of need, specific talents or experience alone.      


Additionally, Ghosts of Arizona does not accept applicants that wish to participate in the following behaviors while acting as a representative of Ghosts Of Arizona, Paranormal Society:


Smoking of any substance of any kind: it contaminates investigation sites and creates health hazards to other members.  It can potentially offend clients who may be non-smokers themselves, too.  If this is going to present a problem, we wish you well, but please stop now and seek a team that will accommodate this habit.


Taking controlled substances or alcohol during an investigation:  during an investigation, investigators must keep themselves unimpaired.  Medications that do not impair judgment are fine (ex. high blood pressure meds, insulin, etc.).  Clients refer to Ghosts of Arizona to examine and take a serious look at their experiences.  We respect the trust they give us by being professional at all times.  If this does not align with your expectations, please stop now and seek another group.


Provoking of any one or any ?thing?: (emphasis on the latter)  Field investigation requires a great deal of patience as one will be working with a variety of people with differing backgrounds, beliefs and personalities.  It is important that we exhibit professionalism at all times.  This means respecting each other, and whatever we may or may not be trying to discover.  Provoking of any kind to elicit a response will not be tolerated.  If this will conflict with your style or beliefs, we wish you well, but ask you to seek another team that tolerates such practice.

Please provide answers to the following questions.  Please provide as many complete answers as possible.


1.     Name 

1.5   Address 

2.     Phone #

3.     City

4.     Age (participants must be over the age of 18 in order to accompany Ghosts of Arizona on investigations.)

5.     Sex (Ghosts of Arizona does not discriminate on the basis of sex, however diversity is desired to be prepared for different client scenarios.  Ex. some female clients are more comfortable interviewed by a woman.)

6.     Have you ever been on a paranormal investigation team? If yes, please provide the name of the last team / group you were in which you were a member.

7.     If the answer to the previous question was yes, please explain the reason you left the team.

8.     Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

9.     If so, what did you experience, in brief?

10.  Do you have any of your own equipment (i.e. recorders, meters, cameras, etc.)?

11.  If yes, please summarize your experience level with the equipment.

12. What particular talent(s) do you bring to the team? (Examples: experience, critical thinker, eye for detail, ?gut instincts? etc.)

13. Write a short personal assessment of yourself that explains how you deal with scrutiny and constructive criticism (something everyone expects at Ghosts of Arizona, especially of evidence gathered to strengthen authenticity). Note: if you have never been on an investigative team, still do your best to answer this one (drawing from a recent experience if it helps).

14. Are you currently taking any medications? (Note: while confidential, we have to ask this in case something happens to you during an investigation and to determine before any investigation if a medication may impair one?s ability to properly observe an unknown environment clearly.)


If you have any questions for us please send them with this application.






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